Yumiko Tanaka

Interaction designer.
Have over 20 years of work experience in interaction and service design, with a passion for design research and experience design. Proficient at human-centric design approach and various methodology in design research activities.
Have designed interfaces for various consumer products such as the PlayStation 4 game console and mobile apps. Experienced in the end-to-end stages of digital product design, from initial concept to implementation.


2021/04/26 対談「デザインの力で日本をもっと面白く、社会インフラをもっと楽しく」
2021/02/19 インタビュー「事業会社とデザインファームをグローバルに渡り歩く。NTTコミュニケーションズ 田中 友美子さんの軌跡 」