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  • PSN Account - Account Creation UI refresh

    Product: PSN Account - Account Creation UI refresh
    Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    UX design: Yumiko Tanaka (lead)
    Visual Design: Daisuke Kawamura
    Designed in: 2015

    About the project
    Re-designed the sign-in and account creation experience on PlayStation Network account, which widely used for most of Sony services. We made the UI flow simple and updated the visuals to cleaner and more contemporary. We worked closely with planner and engineers to propose realistic changes, not just ideal concepts. With the new design, the account creation time was reduced to about one-third on average.

    Design Principle
    To start the design, I created the design principle to align our aim and thoughts and communicate business owners and engineers about what we want and don't want to make. We kept this in our mind to use in the decision makings:
    • Make it the flow shorter.
    • Make the task simpler.
    • Make the look cleaner.
    • Minimise the text.

    Reduce the steps
    To reduce the steps, we re-organised the account attribute and created modules. On the new account creation flow, users need to answer only a required question to use the service where they are linked from. We managed to reduce the steps, make it clean and trustworthy by avoiding asking unnecessary questions.:

    New PSN Account Creation Previous PSN Account Creation

    Messaging system
    Communicating about process and errors is important to the account creation.
    We reduced numbers and length of these messages and colour-coded to make them visually clear what is about the information and how much attentions users need to pay on these. We kept this in our mind to use in the decision makings: