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  • Trust/2030

    Project: Trust/2030
    Commissioned: Method x Hitachi’s Social Innovation Team
    Designed in: 2018

    Trust/2030 is a speculative design project I worked at Method with Hitachi’s Social Innovation Team, aiming to explore what societal trust might look like in the future.

    What is the future of trust?
    Trust is an integral part of society. Almost every area of life involves an element of trust. Our economy relies on trust in the banking system. Our health relies on trust in medical science. Our relationships rely on trust in each other and our shared values.
    Through this project we have explored some potential futures, looking at how changes in society may change our lives and what impact may have on trust in the society of 2030.

    This project was selected to present at Speculative Futures event in London.
    More about this project and the design process is on its microsite: https://www.trust2030.com/