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  • Nokia NFC User Experience

    Product: Nokia NFC User Experience Design (for MeeGo OS)
    Developer: Nokia
    UX design: Akseli Anttila (lead), Yumiko Tanaka, Robert Grant
    User Test: Lidia Oshlyansky
    Designed in: 2010

    About the project
    NFC was about to be installed on Nokia mobile phones. This project objective was to define the unified flow for NFC (Near field communication) experience on a wider Nokia mobile device platforms.

    Design Process
    Taking a design process with user research to make sure the navigation is intuitive for diverse segments of users.

    Initial Design
    We defined the three building blocks to create the initial flow. They were the key moments of NFC experience, which are Touch, Feedback and Control. The main discussion point was how much confirmation people need to make them understand what is happening, feel comfortable and being in charge, yet not annoying.

    User Research
    How persistent the confirmation screen should be and what are the message people need were the big questions we had. We make three models of interaction to test out with people. We asked users to act on the scenarios with the moderator. On the points user is interact with NFC, we asked what they expect to see on the screen and how to do.
    Testing Scenarios are:
    • Photo sharing
    • Oyster card reading
    • Photo sharing (second time)
    • Connect to headset
    • Tag reading

    Design Proposal
    We defined all types of NFC connections and their flows. We documented these with core use cases. We also created a scenario based prototype using an internal prototype tool called Flowella and run it on mobile phones. It helped people to experience the magical moments of NFC and explain the proposed flow in the best way.