The Last Cupper

January, 2006
Keigo Harada and Yumiko Tanaka


How to tell the message that you want to say, but really hard to say?


Sometimes we should not say something, even if we really want to say. If we have to be polite to others and just be patient not to say the words, or feel embarrassed to say it.

For example, when you have a guest in your house, it is very difficult to tell them that you want to go to bed and want them to go home. This is a common problem and there are many classic tips to tell the message through some actions, such as looking at the clock or stretching out your body. Even if you kept sending these signals, some guests do not understand your message and be relax in your house. This is one of the proofs that you gave them the full treatment and you succeed to do, so you feel happy, but feel tired at the same time. It is the time to use the cup. Serve them the last cupper and drink it in calm. When your guest finishes the tea, they must realise it is the time to go home.

You can tell them the message without saying the words. And the words are straight enough to let them understand.

The message ‘come again’ is one example, you can put any message on the bottom of a cup. For instance, if you want to proposed to your partner, you can put the message ‘marry me.’ on the cup, and have warm nice tea with your partner. He/She will be amazed to find the message. Then the cup will become one of the romantic memorial things for a long time…

The cup