Mechanical Puppet 2

12 November – 15 December, 2004
Yumiko Tanaka

The brief

Invent computer connected puppet.


To focus on the way of control the puppet, I decided to make a simple on screen puppet and tried to let users to understand the connection between the controller and the puppet easily.

wooden cross switch :
There are two switches to zoom in and out on the top of the wooden cross, two on the left back to control left arm and foot, and other two on the right back for left arm and foot. The position of the puppet is controlled by tilt of
the wooden cross. This switch is handy and easy to control.

metallic cross switch :
The positions of the switches are almost same as the wooden one’s. But this one is bigger (50 X 50 cm) and heavier. It demands us big effort and biceps and makes us tired. I tried to find out the relation between difficulty of the task and how much into it, but this metallic switch is too heavy to be absorbed.