Light minded

November, 2005
Keigo Harada and Yumiko Tanaka

The brief

We started to be interested in these feature of lights and think of other ways to use light sockets.

The idea

Light is a unique electrical appliance.
There are too many lights in every room and we rarely use all of them at once. These lights are set in different places and have various types of switches. The light on the ceiling is especially interesting, because it has a switch on the wall away from light itself.

We started to be interested in these features of lights and think of other ways to use these places. We try not to think of these places just for a light, and think differently. Then we started to think of them as power supply working with a funny screw part. Moreover, we also interested in the fact that light bulbs have to be parasite to lamp and environments. From these two qualities, we made some gadget type of products and explore of the situation with the light.


RADIO: it works well with a lampshade.

Firstly, we built the light bulb radio, because we were interested in the experience that we had sound from ceiling or on the table as one of the elements of the environment.
We can listen to the radio, which is put on the calling to fill the room with sound, just like tuning on the light to fill the room with brightness.

PLUG: it must be handy for temporary use.

Power plugs are always built in walls, but we use many electrical appliances everywhere in a room nowadays. The positions of lights are various. Normally there is a light at the centre of the ceiling, and some rooms have light on the wall. We also have a light in a bathroom. Every desk has a stand light. We have light at the bedside, on a chest of drawers.

If we can use these lighting devices for just getting some electronic power, it would be very handy, especially for temporary use. We can charge our mobile phone on the desk, can put some illumination on the ceiling at Christmas time, and possibly watch TV in the bath.

CLOCK: there are many ways to tell the time in different places.

It would be very handy if the light bulb itself has a timer. You can use it as a bedside light so as not to fall asleep or to stop reading too much. You also use as normal kitchen timer. It tells you where time with light without loud sound, so it is useful for the places we have to be quiet, and the house has a baby.