16-29 March, 2006
Yumiko Tanaka


Adults and children have different tasks in everyday life. It is one of the reasons they cannot stay together all the time, even if they want to share longer time together.


Fripon is a pair of devices connected to each other with a wireless connection.
One of the devices is set into a standard kitchen equipment to make triggers and another is set into a children’s toy to make an action.
The employment of the kitchen equipment suddenly makes the toy lively. For example, when a parent opens a kitchen cupboard, a soft toy rabbit raises its hand. When a parent turns on a kettle, a toy car starts to run.
The connection of these causations gives children and parents a chance to wonder what each other are doing. Even if they engage in different things in different rooms, they can feel as if they are sharing times through the ordinal objects.

Video (concept)

The fripon