Dog and Mobile Phone

4-8 October, 2004
Jack Schulze, Daniel Goddemeyer and Yumiko Tanaka

The brief

What job can a dog use a mobile phone for?

The idea

Early idea: Social Space of dogs

Social dog meeting for owners, chat room via dogs. Extending the social contact between owners beyond the leash. Maybe something about transmitting the information of the owner or dog? you know how picky sometimes dogowners are of their purebreed dogs and how they donォt want their dogs to mix with other halfbreed. so maybe info about the dog and his ancestry could be transmitted as well?

Research: Dog Society

We went to Hyde Park to ask about the relations between owners through their dogs. We could find the strong community has existed already without dog mobile phone.
— see the video of legworks.

Liberating the dog: remote control by instruction

By using mobile phones, dogs can be controll. They are basically trained well as sheep dogs, guide dogs and police dogs. So they can improvise in the urban environment. They will be given limited directional control through instruction from the phone or respond to sound signals in the environment.


Dogmmunity services:

In this idea, dogs work as a community network. Trained dogs roam the streets locally on shifts. They can be called to prefixed locations, or to an indivisual if they know their exact location useing GPS etc. They already have locality in their territory, so they can be guide by simple navigation.

examples of useing ‘dogmunity services’:
- When woman have to wait a bus alone at midnight. She can call dog and let them wait with her.
- When children have to go out without adult, it might be safer with dog.

Dog courier network:

In this idea, we treat dogs more like dummy robot and use them to conveyance of small packet in local area.