My personal spending in San FranciscoOctober 1st, 2014

It’s been a year since I moved to San Francisco, where is one of the most expensive towns in the world.
I was curious to see how much the life costs in here, so tracked all my spending for a year.
I tracked from 1st October 2013 to 30th September 2014, except the days I was traveling outside the US.
It became 347 days and these costs are for one person living of mine.

I am not going to share all my finical details, but here are my key findings:

I spent about $200 for ice creams.
This was much lower than I imagined.
I think I had average 1.2 ice creams per week and spent $200. This is lower than I expected. Thank you for all my kinds friends, who feed me nice ice creams occasionally. Without you, it will be much more expensive.

Groceries and Eating out spending are roughly the same.
I bring my lunch to work and guess this balancing out the life in San Francisco, where people are meeting up for brunches every week.

One third of transport spending was for Uber.
I though it would be like a half, but it was lower. Uber is getting cheaper every now and then. I hope they can keep the service quality and the drivers still feel happy.

Utilities bills are very very cheap.
Especially comparing to London, the the energy bills are unbelievability low.
Water is include my rent. Gas and electricity is covered by the same company called PG&E. We have a very temperate climate here, so I rarely put a heating on. Even I have American size fridge being busy to make constant noise, my energy bills never be more than $40/m.


I didn’t intended to find bad spending habits to save some money or making a better financial plans for coming year by this tracking. This was made based on my pure curiosity.
I tracked my spending manually using an app called Dollarbird.

I tried and failed to use many finance apps and before I started use the Dollarbird.
It has simplest and easiest to input with clean UI. The nicest feature of it for me is that it exports to csv format.

Now I want to compare my spending I made in London. It’s so shame that I didn’t track any of them.
Keep recording on every purchases was bothering, but the data told me something about myself that I couldn’t quite see before.
It was fun overall and I am going to continue to have this habit for a while.

Ice cream of the day

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