How to make miso soupMay 11th, 2012

You can download a larger image here.

I had miso soups in many different Japanese restaurant in London, but never been satisfied. They are too weak in general and missing the pleasant of goodies. Miso soup is everyday food in Japan, which all mums can make it very good ones. So, it should be easy and perfect for home cooking. I googled the recipes in English and found most of these recipes are not really right for my point of view.

When my friend Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino started a newspaper/mag called Trait in July 2011, I asked to write a page for the paper.
So, I wrote down my version of miso soup recipe to share the tasteful comfort.

I will put the recipe in here too, to share the love.

It’s very easy. Please try and enjoy!

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