Bread MakingMay 5th, 2012

When I stayed at home for a while between the jobs, I got into the baking so much.

There are so many recipes on the internet and it is not easy to find one I like. Although, the delicate conditions of the dough had never explained well in words.

Once I understand how to make a basic plain bread, some arrangements and twists became easy. Homemade bread tastes so nice and honest. It just tastes as it should be. I also like to see the ingredients and avoid to take too much chemicals, which I don’t know about.

Baking takes 2-3 hours and always bring me great satisfaction. Perfect activity for rainy weekend or financially strained times.

So, I put my secret recipe of my perfect dough here, but in words.
You might need to try several time to understand the delicate condition by the classic ‘trial and error ‘ method.

- Ingredients: Savory basic -
Sugar 2 tablespoons
Yeast 2tsp
Bread flour 300g
Butter 7g
Salt 1tsp

- Ingredients: Rich (sweet) basic -
Milk 150cc
Water 50cc
Sugar 2.5 tablespoons
Yeast 2tsp
Bread flour 300g
Butter 45g
Egg 1

- Process -
1. mix milk and water and made it about 40℃
2. put sugar and yeast in 1. (leave about 10-15min)
3. put flour into a mixing bowl
4. put the butter and salt on the flour
5. put the yeast water into flour (and egg for rich bread)
6. mix until it becomes not too sticky
7. knead until the dough get smooth
8. make into a ball and place it in a bowl and leave it in warm place to rise
9. after an hour or so, the dough doubles the size
10. gently punch the middle of the dough to push the gas out
11. knead again to make into the shape of the bread
12. leave in the warm place again to rise
13. after 30min or so, the dough doubles the size
14. Put into the 180℃ oven and bake 30-40min to make it nicely brown

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