Damien Hirst ExhibitionMay 1st, 2012

I went to the Damien Hirst exhibition at Tate modern.

Damien Hirst is great artist. I still sharply remember the day I bought his book in late 90s. It was big, fancy and very very expensive imported book for an art student in Tokyo.

It’s also well-known fact that Damien Hirst is such a good businessman.
And the exhibition is great place to see the art as commercial material and imagine the business models.

For example, the shop is located inside the exhibition. This is unusual for TATE exhibition (I think).
And I could see many of the goods are priced wisely. The popular work related goods are more expensive than others. The limited things are shockingly expensive. They seem to make every possible goods to sell. The wallpaper is the one surprised me for it’s unrealistic pattern, which I can not imagine what kind of house can people use it in everyday environment, and its price (£250 per roll). These goods don’t look like specially high quality as objects, like T-shirs are iron printed rather than screen printed etc. But interestingly, the shop is very busy and peopple are buying these goods.

Why? I don’t know. It must be same as phycological condition to buying souvenirs at tacky shops in any touristic sites. Also it is limited and people might think it might became more valuable in future. But it must be an proof of the fact that people think it’s cool to visit Damien Hirst Exhibition. People did in 90s and still do, even we all informed that Hirst didn’t use the paint brush by himself and let poor artists or students to do all the painful works.

Damien Hirst is now celebrity. That’s why the goods without crafted quality can be sold at the museum. So now, I want to see how much will it be a roll of wallpaper directed by David Beckham. And I guess it will be close to £250.

Well, the exhibition is fun. It’s good to see all the famous art works in one place. It’s worth to visit to have a topic for a party chat and to check the shop.

Ice cream of the day

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